What You Need to Know When Traveling with Your E-Cig

Preparing to fly? You can breathe a sigh of relief and a good tasting vapor, obviously, because with a little planning, e-cig and vaping products are very friendly for travelers. Of course, airlines do not ever allow you to vape on flights, but you do not need to leave your favorite e-cig and vaping products at home. You can carry your e-cigs or vape mod on an airplane in your carry-on luggage.

Here are some useful tips to take your e-cig or vape mod on a plane:

Taking E-Cigs through Airport Security

The TSA allows e-cigarettes and vaporizers in handbags, so you should not have problems carrying these products through security for domestic flights. They are not allowed in registered bags. The purpose for this is that if a malfunction caused a fire, it would be simple to detect and extinguish it in the cabin instead of continuing unchecked in the aircraft hold. Though you are not allowed to carry e-cigarettes batteries in your checked bags, you can carry in your checked baggage cords, empty tanks, steam juice, and other non-battery accessories.

Keep in mind that e-juice should follow the usual rules for other liquids. Here’s how to make sure you can take your pod vape or e-cig on a plane without any security problems:

·        Carry on liquids have a limit of 100 ml or 3.4 fl. oz.

·        Place the jars of e-juice with other small containers of liquid in a clear bag with 1-quart closure, zip-top bag in agreement with the TSA’s “3-1-1” rule.

·        You can carry your rechargeable e-cig and cartridges in your carry-on luggage.

·        If you have containers that contain more than 3.4 fl. oz., keep them in your checked baggage even when there is little liquid in them.

Important! Empty Your PV Tank before Flying

Changes in air pressure during your flight may cause leaks in the PV tanks, which contain e-juice to leak. The same may happen with fountain pens and many other liquid containers. You can avoid disaster by emptying your own vaporizer tank before boarding the plane. Or else, continue and buy an additional spare tank so you have one empty to carry.

Can You Vape at the Airport?

It depends on the airport. Most airports have a vaping policy, although what they allow varies extensively. Certain allow vaping to the gate, others allow it in designated areas, and others forbid it altogether. As the policies are so dissimilar from one airport to another, you will only need to check with the airport staff before traveling. It must be as easy as calling the help desk!

Can You Vape on the Plane?

DO NOT. It is illegal to vape or smoke on airplanes, partly because it looks like smoke and can cause needless panic due to problems with the plane. Also, like smoking traditional cigars on a plane, it may result in a large fine. If not, you want to scare your fellow passengers and pay $2,000 to $3,000, do not turn around on the plane. If your vaping causes panic and is considered a disturbance during the flight, you could find up to $25,000.

For international flights, make sure to check the laws that apply in your destination country, although you will not have problems in most places, vaping is illegal in countries such as Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

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